Top presents for children this Christmas

The Christmas is very close and apart from the warm atmosphere and love, there is one thing everyone is excited about, especially children – presents! Since you probably don’t want to get your kids ordinary gifts or something you usually buy for this occasion, you should take a look at the list we made! It is based on the predictions of Amazon, ToyRUs, and Argos, some of the most popular companies in the world. According to them, some of these toys will be the most selling this Christmas, you may as well get an idea for your present:

1.    Code-A-Pillar by Fisher-Price

This toy is originally designed for the preschoolers. It consists of approximately 8 segments that kids can mix and move in different directions and by doing so – putting it in action. It is a coding toy that can be pretty interesting and on top of all – help kids learn some codes or at least stimulate them to think about them and get motivated!

2.    Torch My Blazin Dragon by FurReal Friends

Amazon strongly recommends this toy as it’s very cute and kids will find it adorable! It is over 35cm tall and comes with a very interesting feature. By touching its charm button, stroking its nose or giving it a plastic treat, the toy will react! This shows us that the company really has invested into this little dragon. Apart from that, it can breathe out the mist, giggle, and snort! You can surprise your child by bringing a new family member. This time, it is not an ordinary toy. It’s a dragon that reacts!

3.    KidiZoom Action Cam by VTech

If you want to give your child one more reason to go outside and have fun, KidiZoom will help! It’s a ‘’Go-Pro’’ for children that will record their own little adventure. It can be attached to a helmet, bike or simply carried around the neck. It can also be used underwater with its waterproof case. The pictures can also be customized with cartoon images. Altogether, this could be a perfect gift for children! Not only they will feel all grown up but it will entertain them for a long while because they will have a lot of memories to capture!

4.    BB-8 Remote Control

Star Wars toys never get old and this one might be the best one out there! If your kid is a fan of the film, all the features that this toy has will be a real precious gift! BB-8 can roll in different directions while making amazing droid sounds. Your kid may have the old R2-D2 robot that should be replaced with this one as soon as possible! Is there a better occasion than Christmas? – Probably not.

5.    Barbie 3-storey Townhouse

Now, after the robot that is most likely to end up in the hands of a boy, we have something for little princesses as well! This time, it’s a pink Barbie house with little rooms and everything they should consist of, such as the bathtub, rooftop spa, TV, swing chair, working lift and similar! The Barbie doesn’t come in this package so your little girl can simply give a new house to her old Barbie!


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