The best habits of smart children

We have all been told that every individual has something they can do better than someone else, that’s why we are all special in our own ways. However, some kids have more potential than others and unfortunately, it often gets ignored or unused because of the bad habits from the early age.

To prevent this from happening, children should adopt some of the recommended habits:

Music Lessons

Music is an amazing way to help children relax and even increase their IQ level. Whether they are interested in singing or playing, this habit could not bring anything negative to kids but the complete opposite. In fact, it is not only highly beneficial for the young ones but adults as well. Our brains need some relaxation and creativity, which music lessons bring altogether.


It is unnecessary to point out all the benefits of physical activities. Today, kids spend a lot of time indoor, which can affect their social skills as well. Doing sports will bring some relaxation, motivation, and new energy into kids’ lives. Even the smartest child with a lot of knowledge in different areas, unrelated to sports, needs to be active in order to stay healthy and focused. In a recent study, German researches have come to a conclusion that after doing exercise, the speed of learning new vocabulary words increases up to 20 percent!

Reading with parents

Parents can help their children learn how to read by stopping to read to them and read together instead. By sharing parts of the story, both parent and the child can be included in this little habit that will stimulate the kid to learn more while enjoying the time with his/her mother or father. This way, parents can explain the story and meaning of specific words, answer to questions related to it and make this procedure easier and exciting for the little ones!

Sleeping schedule

Sleeping is very important and probably one of the crucial factors that could affect our health, for better or worse. For children, it is even more important! Apart from toddlers whose recommended time of sleeping is between 11-14 hours, the average time that every child and teenager should spend sleeping varies from 8 to 12 hours. It is believed that even one hour under the bottom-line makes the kid less intelligent. For this reason, parents should pay special attention to their kids’ sleeping patterns. In the era of technology, they can get distracted by many things and stay up for much longer than they should, which is not recommended at all.


One of the habits every kid should have is to be disciplined. Now, discipline consists of so many things but only high IQ is not enough for a child to prosper in the future. By learning some of the most important things, such as taking responsibility for his/her own actions, finishing homework, get home at the right time, be social and similar, kids can improve many of their skills and stop their intelligence from being unnoticed and useless. Routine is very important and every child should have it. Of course, they should take breaks and time to enjoy doing whatever they like but that should not, by any case, be most of the time.

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