Our Future

As a parent I see what our children have today and I’m a little big jealous, is that wrong? We’re living in a world where people are getting smarter, have more food, more money than ever before. So should we be raising our children in a different way?

Recently I’ve been trying to introduce children to technology at an earlier age, why delay the inevitable?

I’m strongly against the idea that children are raised from an iPad and they don’t converse with their peers or even worse, their parents. It’s something that is becoming more popular day by day, so the idea with this website is to allow you to see what you can do that will mean they stay up to do or even advance quicker than other children without putting them in front of a screen for their childhood.


We’ve all been there and seen children who seem to spend a silly amount of time 12 inches away from their iPad, there are many people who believe this is bad for them. It promotes children to avoid social situations, gone are the days where children went playing outside (Not that I’m advocating children should go out unsupervised) and now even when out with their friends they’re consumed by either their phones or tablets.

What can we do?

We are in an age where if they’re not fluent with technology they will be left behind, or have limited options as they grow.

Over the next few days I’m going to publish a post about certain things you can buy that will teach your children practical skills and also get them in touch with technology. Please share this website so we can help as many parents as possible. I look forward to sharing my experience with all of you.



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