5 Educational Toys for Children

Buying different toys and things that could interest their children is a common thing for every parent. It is not an easy task to keep your little ones entertained for more than a few minutes with one thing. They easily get bored and look for a different source of fun, which can cause a trouble afterwards.

Now, the best solution would be to find something they wouldn’t drop down quickly, something they would like to use for longer. These toys do exist and the most important part is that they are not made only for fun but for education as well! By combining these two, kids can develop some skills from the very beginnings of their lives and keep themselves entertained at the same time.

Here is the list of 5 educational toys for children:


61-4wewb3fl-_sl1000_-480x480Children find many things interesting but some keep their attention longer than the others. Alphaberry is a great educational toy with appearance similar to blackberry that allows kids to do several things at once – listen to music while pushing the buttons and learning the letters from it. They can memorize them easily because each letter is pronounced out loud by the toy. It is recommended for 18+ months old toddlers.

Fisher-Price Play Gym

With all the feature lights and sounds that come with this little activity center, your baby’s senses can start getting stimulated from the very first months, which would develop her/his balance, motor skills, and coordination. One of the beneficial things about this package is the fact that children can use it from the very first months and grow up playing with it. It is very fun, interesting and educational on top of all!


Busy Learners Cube

With 14 manipulative features that this interactive toy comes with, babies can start learning to spin, twist and press the buttons. By trying to resolve the mystery they will find while playing, the senses of the children will get stimulated, which is highly recommended and helpful. Apart from being educational, this toy has proven to be very fun for the kids, which is why it’s around the top of this list. It is recommended for children between 6 months and 3 years of age.

My First Rocket (Lego Duplo)

Lego has been and always will be one of the most favorite and famous children toys. Its brick construction sets have created a reputation that this company is maintaining very well. This line of products, Duplo, brings something new to the kids – an opportunity to build a rocket, planets, moon, and starts! By trying to set these pieces together, children have a chance to be creative, learn counting skills and think about potential solutions. This way, they will be more mentally active and develop their analysis techniques. It is recommended for children between the age of 1.5 and 5.

P’kolino: 3-Piece Puzzle

Anything related to problem solving and positive brain activity is beneficial to the children. With this wooden puzzle consisting of 3 pieces, kids can learn the shapes (circle, triangle, and rectangle) and start understanding which piece fits another and what do they form together. The materials used for these plywood pieces are water-based and non-toxic, according to the company. It is recommended for children above 6 months.

Metal Detector

This is one for children who’re a little older than the others, we’re talking about toddlers where they’re able to understand instructions and have the ability to hold a metal detector. My friend Richard has actually written a guide on the best metal detectors for children, as they need to get a small enough detector that they can handle. Also it needs to be simple.

Children learn to react with the technology and there is also the physical aspect of having to dig for buried treasure.

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